Andrew P. Capaldi, PhD Molecular & Cellular Biology Cell signaling pathways
Ardith El-Kareh, PhD Arizona Research Laboratories Mathematical modeling of anticancer therapy and its optimization
Henk Granzier, PhD Cellular Molecular Medicine Molecular mechanisms of muscle contraction
Ryan N. Gutenkunst, PhD Molecular & Cellular Biology Evolution of biomolecular networks
Michael Hammer, PhD Arizona Research Laboratories Biotechnology Population genomics
Bonnie L. Hurwitz, PhD Agriculture & Biosystems Engineering Microbial bioinformatics
Joceline C. Lega, PhD Mathematics Modeling of nonlinear phenomena with applications to biology
Kevin Lin, PhD Mathematics

Nonlinear dynamics; data assimilation; computational neuroscience

Joanna Masel, D.Phil. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Evolutionary theory
Laura Miller, PhD Mathematics Biological Fluid Mechanics
William R. Montfort, PhD Chemistry & Biochemistry Protein structure and function; Nitric oxide signaling
Andrew Paek, PhD Molecular & Cellular Biology Response of cancer cells to chemotherapy
Timothy W. Secomb, PhD Physiology Theoretical modeling of microcirculation
Joseph C. Watkins, PhD Statistics & Data Science GIDP, Mathematics Stochastic models of biological processes
Charles Wolgemuth, PhD Physics Mechanics of cell growth and movement
Guang Yao, PhD Molecular & Cellular Biology Modeling and experimental analysis of cell quiescence and proliferation